Winning Star Institute

Head of Institute's Welcome,

 Education is changing today, faster than any time in memory. This is attributed to the Global Economic Competition and rapid Technical advancements. To be in tune with the trends in Current situation, we provide the right Ambience to attain excellence in Studies through appropriate strategy , qualified and inspiring Faculty, well established  teaching methods.


People relying on yesterday’s idea have no chance of survival in today’s competitive environment where change is at the speed of thought.The pace of change requires continuous improvement and constant learning. Keeping this in mind, we at " WSI " 

train our students to be fully prepared for the challenges of the future. We offer innovative and experimental teaching methods to make a learning process extremely enjoyable and enlightening.


​​C. Divya Bharathi B.E., M.E.,
​Head of Institute

Our Philosophy

Education is through motivation and inspiration

Our History

 We started our journey from 3rd june 2018 with batch of 5 students and 3 faculties